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Since 2005 we have been offering high-quality professional counselling in Plymouth which is accessible to all. Starting in the police cells in Devonport Guildhall, we have grown and expanded to become Plymouth’s most accessible (and affordable) counselling service. We now have 38 counsellors working both online and in person from our premises here in Stoke Village.

Respect, empathy, honesty and understanding are the foundations for building an effective therapeutic relationship. Having the right counsellor is pivotal. With 38 counsellors working together, we are able to offer a choice of counsellors of various ages, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientation. If age or gender is a factor for you then please let us know your preference when making an appointment.

Because we are a community interest company, we are able to apply for funding and bursaries which support us in our aim of providing affordable counselling to all. The way we are funded means that some clients can benefit from our services for free. Individuals looking to unravel the damage caused by domestic/sexual abuse or adverse childhood experiences (for example) may be eligible for free counselling; take a look at our Counselling Fees to learn more.

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Here at Simply Counselling we are dedicated to making counselling accessible to everyone. Our Board of Directors is small but passionate and we are hoping to expand it.  If you are experienced in small businesses and interested in working for a not-for-profit as a Board member, please follow this link to find out more.

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Simply Counselling is a member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). Each of our counsellors are individual members of BACP and are guided by the BACP’s ethical framework. An important part of BACP ethical practice is for counsellors to receive supervision. We are passionate about counsellor supervision and provide internal and external counsellor supervision to maintain the quality of our counselling. Our organisational membership number is: 101564.

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