Anger Counselling

Counselling for Anger Issues

Most people feel angry sometimes, but if it is negatively affecting your life then counselling for anger can help you to regain control of your life.

Angry feelings can make us feel out of control and unable to recognise ourselves. If we start to act upon our angry feelings/impulses and start to display damaging behaviour, this is when we might need help in controlling our anger.

When you feel uncontrollable anger, it might feel like you are helpless against the rush of adrenaline and untameable rage. Or perhaps your anger issues are hidden which can lead to further issues such as depression or anxiety.

Anger counselling can help you

Repressed anger can be just as damaging and problematic as anger which is openly expressed. People with repressed anger often tend to avoid conflict with others but experience irritation and frustration easily. People with repressed anger often use sarcasm or apathy to conceal their anger, fear rejection and can have difficulty saying no or setting boundaries. Because of the mental exertion it takes to repress such a strong emotion, it is common for people with suppressed anger to suffer from muscle tension, teeth grinding, insomnia, low grade depression and chronic pain. A professional counsellor for anger issues (whether repressed or otherwise) can help you to learn to control your anger and manage it in a way that doesn’t harm others (or yourself).

Signs That You Might Have an Anger Issue:

  • You regularly have feelings of annoyance and frustration
  • You tend to feel rage in situations where others are calm
  • Some people are triggers for your angry feelings
  • You have been told that your anger is an issue by others
  • You actively look for revenge
  • Anger causes problems in your relationships
  • You have shown violence to inanimate objects (such as kicking a door or smashing dinner plates)

How Can Anger Counselling Help You?

Person-centred counselling for anger helps individuals manage their feelings by understanding their relationship with anger and where it comes from.

If anger isn’t addressed, it can lead to stress, low self-esteem and depression. Anger is often the symptom of other unexpressed emotions like sadness, fear, anxiety, humiliation or hopelessness. When these emotions are buried and eventually erupt, they can result in verbal, psychological or physical outbursts.

When we learn to understand the reasons behind the angry behaviour we are displaying, we can learn to manage it and rehabilitate the emotion behind it. The first important step a counsellor for anger will help you with, is working out what triggers your anger. Recognising your ‘anger cues’ will help you be able to better control them by choosing to remove yourself from the situation before it escalates.

Reasons for Anger

Owning up to the things which cause you anger is another important step to getting help with your anger issues. Perhaps you are more likely to fly off the handle when you’ve had a drink or used other substances, maybe there is a particular friend who pushes the wrong buttons for you. Whatever your triggers, a professionally trained counsellor can help you identify and reset your mind so that you can avoid that which makes you angry.

A counsellor that specialises in anger issues will help you to explore the real reasons you are angry. It’s common that people who verbalise or display angry outbursts have learned this way of dealing with life as a child. Unravelling your thoughts and revealing the influences on your life which may contribute to your anger is a big step in freeing you from this unwanted behaviour.

Advice for Managing Anger

A counsellor for anger issues will help you to develop a toolkit of anger management techniques which are specific to you. It might be going for a hard fast run, listening to heavy music, or perhaps using a punch bag for 20minutes that helps you find your inner calm. For others it is finding a quiet space to meditate and reflect, perhaps whilst looking out on nature. Lots of people find that watching the ocean is calming and restorative, whilst others love far-reaching moorland to help them reset and recharge.

Anger therapy focuses on getting to the root of the cause, identifying possible triggers and developing positive coping strategies to help the individual regain control.  Using a counsellor for managing your anger issues is key to getting your life back on track and making you feel in control once more.

Our dedicated counsellors are thoroughly trained in anger issues and have many years of experience in helping clients to overcome anger. Get in touch with our team today to get the support you deserve.

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