Family Counselling

What is Counselling for Families?

Family counselling can help families face turbulent experiences such as divorce, sibling rivalry, step-parenting duties or generational discord. When you need to reconnect and move forwards together, counselling for families can be exactly the support you need.

With  screens more prevalent in our everyday lives, communication can often break down leading to family disputes and misunderstandings, this leads to disruptive behaviour as a result. Family counselling offers everyone a safe place to speak about their problems and to better understand each other’s point of view. It’s amazing how empowered children feel once they have had the chance to really be listened to.

Enhancing Family Relationships and Strengthening Bonds

Every family will go through difficulties at some point. It is how you deal with these bumpy patches that is pivotal. Family counselling can help you deal with small issues before they become big ones. Therapy as a family helps you to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. It teaches the importance of communicating, giving and receiving respect and relationships within the family.

Family counselling can help to resolve conflicts and reduce stress, especially when one or more family member has bottled up their emotions and feels unheard. Whether you need to discuss the share of household roles, discuss feelings surrounding extended family moving in (or out), or want to feel closer to your teen once more, family therapy can prove hugely beneficial.

Our professional family counsellors in Plymouth have vast experience and can help you find the path to a smoother family life. When your words seemingly no longer hold any power, an independent professional can give you the right steps to deal with the situation and help to remedy the issues at hand. Lessening the tension in your family unit and helping to get to the root of issues like skipping school or displaying damaging behaviour are just some of the ways your dedicated parent and child counsellor can help.

We are all humans and as a human we are prone to making mistakes sometimes. Family counselling doesn’t mean that you are a ‘bad’ parent. Quite the contrary. By recognising that issues exist and seeking help from a professional shows how much you care. Perhaps the problem you thought was your child’s, is actually caused by something that you may or not be doing. Or vice versa.

As independent family therapists, we are trained to be objective and empathetic in helping families get to the root of the problem. It is so important to speak to an impartial professional so that we are able to weigh up all possible outcomes and make an informed decision afterwards.

How Can Family Counselling Help Me?

Seeing a family counsellor will give you a chance to understand your children much better, and be able to help them express their feelings better and bring them together. Perhaps your child is going through a gender identity issue that you perhaps don’t understand, or their sexuality is misunderstood which causes problems within the family unit. Perhaps one sibling is jealous of another or one family member has issues of low self-esteem which need addressing. Family counselling can bring these issues to the surface, explore the emotions surrounding them and help you to emerge from these struggles stronger, more understood and united as a family once more.

Our dedicated counsellors are thoroughly trained in counselling families and have many years of experience in offering counselling for families looking for that extra bit of help. Get in touch with our team today to get the support you deserve.

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