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Counselling for Guildford

If you are looking for professionally-trained, high-quality counselling in Guildford, let us equip you with the tools you need to not just survive, but to thrive. We have 38 dedicated counsellors who offer online counselling in Guildford to help you emerge lighter and brighter. 

Either via online counselling or in person, offering a safe and nurturing environment for clients to talk is at the heart of what we do. The relationship between counsellor and client is pivotal.

Person-centred online counselling for people in Guildford harnesses your natural self-healing process and empowers you to find the answers you crave.

Our highly-trained counsellors are dedicated to working at your pace until you come to a place of acceptance and feel more comfortable in your own skin. Or dedicated counsellors are trained in a whole spectrum of specialties. We’ll help you find the right person to guide you towards your highest potential.

Are you looking for person-centered counselling sessions in Guildford?

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming and we don’t know where to turn. Talking is crucially important in order that our internal thoughts don’t become damaging and all-encompassing. Friends and family can sometimes help by listening, but they are not always available (or willing). Speaking with a trained, impartial, understanding online counsellor can help by giving you a clear way of moving forwards.

Well-being is our priority, and the individual is our primary focus. We believe that one size most certainly doesn’t fit all.

Being able to access online mental health therapy in Guildford is so important. With many people currently unwilling (or unable) to access face-to-face counselling due to their health or ongoing Government restrictions, online support is currently the preferred route.

We fit you to the counsellor – this is a two-way process which can ebb and flow over time as individual needs change. Each of our online counsellors have been carefully selected for their unique strengths and experience across a spectrum of disciplines. 

How does online counselling work?

Via empathetic, person-focused online counselling, our focus is on helping you to emerge lighter, brighter and stronger.

Online Counselling Benefits

  • Convenience and Affordability
    Speak to a counsellor at a time that suits you. We are committed to tailoring prices wherever possible to support those on low income.  
  • Accessibility
    Everyone needs a little help sometimes.Whether you live in Guildford, Scotland or Wales, we can help with online counselling services that suit you.
  • Feel Comfortable
    Being able to talk in the comfort of your own home (or somewhere else you feel safe) is proving a lifeline for many who might not otherwise be able to see a counsellor in person.
  • An Online Therapist for You
    Online counselling with a trained therapist can open the door to a healthier mind and a happier you. Online counselling is therapy for how we live today.