Health Counselling

Who Needs a Health Counsellor and Why?

Health counselling can benefit everyone as unfortunately poor health is an affliction which affects so many of us. Whether we have chronic pain, long-term health problems or a life-limiting illness, health issues can affect so many areas of our life. Health issues can lead to depression, anxiety and stress. Whilst our physical health is suffering, we often forget that our mental health needs support too. If you find that your physical health issues are leading to issues of mental instability, then you need the support of a professional health counsellor.

When our physical health suffers, it often has a knock-on effect to our emotional health. Individuals who suffer from asthma for example, may find that their condition is worsened by stress (sometimes with potentially fatal consequences) and so they look to a health counsellor to learn coping mechanisms and how to manage their stress.

Some couples struggle to have a child and find the process of IVF, of trying to conceive, of trying to find a donor or of multiple miscarriages to be an extremely emotional and difficult time. In this circumstance a health counsellor can be extremely beneficial and provide emotional support for each partner as they continue along their bumpy journey to parenthood. Some people are told that they are infertile and will never become parents; a health counsellor can prove an incredible support as you face a future that looks quite different to what you had planned.

How Can Health Counselling Help?

Many individuals look for a health counsellor following diagnosis of terminal cancer or other life-limiting illnesses. They look for support with how to tell their children the news, how to deal with the inevitable end of their journey, and how to live with pain whilst undergoing treatment. People with chronic health conditions can chat impartially and in confidence to a health counsellor about anything on their mind. This is very often a relief to individuals suffering from terminal illnesses who don’t want to further upset loved ones by talking about the inevitable. Having a professional health therapist to discuss issues surrounding physical health can be the relief you need when you feel empty and don’t know where else to turn.

Particularly prominent in all our lives at the moment, is the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us are feeling anxious, stressed, depressed and lonely because of being locked down and hearing so many horror stories constantly swirl around us in the news. Health pandemics like this one are (thankfully) rare, so we are yet to witness the true cost to the nation’s mental health during this pandemic. Over the coming months (and years) we expect to see the true effects of being locked down and separated from our loved ones unfold. Finding health counsellors to support you and your family through this time will be the best thing you can do.

We believe that seeking mental health support now is more crucial than ever. Finding a health counsellor to support you during the pandemic means that you can adopt a robust coping mechanism and gain mental health support as reality slowly resumes.

Find Health Counsellors to Help You

Offering a safe and nurturing environment for clients to talk is at the heart of what we do. The relationship between counsellor and client is pivotal. We have 38 dedicated counsellors in Plymouth; each has been carefully selected for their unique strengths and experience across a spectrum of disciplines.

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