Children and Young People Counselling

Counselling for Children and Young People

Now more than ever do our young people need additional emotional support such as counselling for children. Living through such a monumentally unusual time as a global pandemic has affected us all, but perhaps our children the most. Being shut away indoors without being able to socialise or go to school is not ‘normal’ for children, and it will perhaps be years down the line when we start to see the affects this pandemic has had upon our children.

Pandemics aside, many young people struggle with how they feel. Whether they have issues with friends, have anxiety about school, struggling with bullying or feel angry and scared but don’t know where to turn, counselling for children can provide the positive difference they need in their life.

How Can Counselling Help my Child?

Whether as part of a family therapy session or on their own, counselling can have a hugely positive effect and really transform the futures of young people who need extra emotional support. Some young people suffer from eating disorders, depression or have trouble dealing with relationships, low self-esteem or have begun to self-harm. A childrens’ counsellor can help to explore the root of their problems and give the child effective strategies for coping. Whether face-to-face or via video/telephone, giving your child a safe space to speak and be heard can be hugely positive.

Starting counselling may be daunting, but it is an important step on the road to recovery and inner peace. If children feel scared or are struggling with how they feel, seeing a children counsellor can help them to open up and talk about what’s troubling them.

If your child is concerned about opening up to a children’s counsellor on their own, family counselling can provide the perfect space for the child to feel protected and supported.

What happens during our counselling for children and you people sessions?

We take the time to assess our clients and match them with the perfect counsellor for them.  This is a two-way process which can ebb and flow over time as individual needs change. The vast scope and breadth of our collective experience enables us to offer a bespoke person-centred approach to our child counselling service quite unlike what you’ll find elsewhere. Our qualified child counsellors are highly qualified in working with children and young people and can connect to your child’s CAMHS team or school as necessary/if required.

Each of our young person counsellors adhere to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Code of Ethics and practice for counsellors. During the counselling session your child will have the opportunity to use toys and other materials to express their thoughts in a creative, familiar way. Your child will be assured that whatever they speak about will be treated in the utmost confidence and will not be disclosed to a third party (unless they are in danger).

If there is anything your child doesn’t feel comfortable talking about that is fine. It is their therapy and they have to feel comfortable and in control. We won’t push them to open up about topics which make them feel awkward, it’s important that they know it is their space.

Doing counselling often brings up painful emotions – this is ok. It’s important that children know that they can’t do child counselling ‘wrong’- in fact, often feelings of emotion and being overwhelmed can often mean that it is working well. We will let children know that they can take a break whenever they need to and how to look after themselves after a session.

Here at Simply Counselling we pride ourselves on making our counselling accessible to all so please get in touch and let us see how we can help you.

Our dedicated counsellors are thoroughly trained in helping young people and have many years of experience in offering counselling for children. Get in touch with our team today to get the support you deserve.

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Get in touch

Pick up the phone, drop us an email or fill in the contact form to tell us a little about why you are here. You can also ask us what we can do for you.



We speak with you to gain a basic understanding of how you are feeling and your individual situation. We work with you to work out what kind of therapy and which counsellor (or counsellors) is the best fit for you. If you don’t relate to a therapist or feel safe, we will make changes until you are happy and confident.



We introduce you to your counsellor and you will speak with them (either in person, online or via telephone).