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We ensure our counselling is accessible to everyone

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We understand that sometimes high-quality professional counselling can be expensive and not everyone has the means to access it. Since 2005 we have been offering a high-quality counselling service and we use a sliding scale of fees for our clients to make counselling accessible to everyone.

We believe counselling can help everyone and shouldn’t be solely reserved for those with a disposable income. Having someone to listen to you shouldn’t be a ‘luxury’, as for many, it is a necessity.

How much does counselling cost?

Here at Simply Counselling we use a regularly reviewed banding structure so that everyone can benefit from our high-quality person-focused counselling services. Offering a sliding scale of fees (starting at just £37.00 an hour*) *for those on low income. Simply Counselling is a surprisingly affordable counselling service for everyone.

We work hard to ensure that our waiting lists are kept short to enable us to offer counselling to those who need it, when they need it. We often have counsellors available right now for paying clients looking for a person-centred counselling approach.

Our affordable counselling service provides clients from all walks of life with a safe, confidential space to discuss issues and work through difficulties. We work in a supportive and empathic way to help you through life’s challenges.

Each of our 30 plus counsellors are highly trained and carefully selected. Whether you speak with a student counsellor accruing their BACP hours, or a counsellor with thirty years’ experience (or a mixture of both), we will facilitate the right pairing for you and your requirements.

The way we are funded means that you might be able to benefit from our high-quality affordable counselling service for free. Individuals looking to unravel the damage caused by domestic/sexual abuse or adverse childhood experiences (for example) may be eligible for free counselling with one of our professional therapists. Get in touch to find out more.

Thank you, the Simply Team.

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Simply Counselling can give you the strength and mental clarity you need to move forwards and emerge brighter, lighter and stronger.

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