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Whatever issues you might be facing, it is so important to speak to an impartial professional to help lighten your mental and emotional load. Whether you have feelings of anger, experience anxiety, have depression or have lost your way a little, our focus at Simply Counselling is on helping you to emerge lighter, brighter and stronger. 

Everyone experiences difficulties throughout the journey of life. It’s how you adapt and cope with these issues that makes the difference. Our professional counsellors in Plymouth have vast experience and can help you find the path to a smoother happier life. 

We focus on the relationship with the counsellor and you

Here at Simply Counselling We can help you set your personal goals and identify any factors likely to influence your decisions or affect your objectives. By looking at the issues you face together, we can break them down and look at taking action through counselling to remedy them so you can experience peace once more. 

Quite often a client will experience several issues at once. It’s rare that one ‘issue’ stands alone. Trauma and bereavement are often issues that are followed by anxiety, depression, anger and grief. Here at Simply Counselling our empathetic, fully-trained counsellors will work with you to identify your issues and empower you to tackle them head on.

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