Trauma Counselling

What is Trauma?

Trauma counselling following traumatic events such as disasters, abuse, illnesses or accidents can be hugely beneficial.  These events can cause us to feel like our world has been turned upside down and inside out. Traumatic events often make us feel shocked, distressed and dizzy in the immediate aftermath of such an event. In the days and weeks following, we can experience a range of unfamiliar, unwelcome emotional and physical reactions to this trauma. We might feel sadness, anger, fear, anxiety or even shame. Everyone’s reactions to a traumatic event differs – for example, some people would find falling from a height traumatic, while others choose to jump out of planes for fun.

Whilst some individuals seem to cope with trauma in different ways, some of us might feel that life is more difficult than it was before the event and don’t reach a state of recovery where life can go on. This can be called ‘post-traumatic stress’. Trauma counselling can be extremely successful in helping you to regain some sense of normality following a traumatic event.

How Does Trauma Counselling Work?

A good trauma therapist can provide a grounded presence where you can begin to explore your trauma while feeling safe, listened to and held. Our trauma counselling team specialise in trauma and how it affects the brain. They will try to help you make sense of your own experiences and help you to work through the trauma so that you can rebuild your life. Our therapists will help you to explore and reflect on what has changed in your life because of the trauma and how you can move on from it.

Trauma is your brain’s way of coping with what has happened. When you have experienced trauma, it is common for you to be troubled by the memories of that event. Professional trauma counselling can give you the tools to deal with the symptoms of this and help you to develop coping mechanisms to counteract harmful behaviour. Trauma counselling is a safer and far more effective solution to traumatic events than alcohol or drug use.

Advice for Trauma Sufferers

If you are suffering from trauma, the first step to recovery is to get help. Our trauma counsellors are on hand to help you recover and rebuild your life. It’s important to recognise when you’re not coping and to connect with others to help you to heal. It can be easy to isolate following a trauma, but it’s important to stay connected to friends and family.   Having a strong support network around you is key. When this is combined with professional trauma therapy, relief from trauma symptoms can be within reach more quickly.

Our trauma counsellors are thoroughly trained and have many years of experience in offering counselling sessions for trauma victims. Get in touch with our team today to get the support you deserve.

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We speak with you to gain a basic understanding of how you are feeling and your individual situation. We work with you to work out what kind of therapy and which counsellor (or counsellors) is the best fit for you. If you don’t relate to a therapist or feel safe, we will make changes until you are happy and confident.



We introduce you to your counsellor and you will speak with them (either in person, online or via telephone).