Zoe and the Support Worker

Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service referred Zoe, a parent, to us for counselling.

We phoned Zoe to ask about her availability and what would be the best days and times for her to attend. During the phone conversation Zoe informed us she had problems leaving her home as she was terrified the father of their children would follow her and wouldn’t be able to attend.

We asked our Support Worker to phone Zoe and introduce herself. The Support Worker asked Zoe if she would like her to drop in and have a chat about what Simply Counselling was all about and what we could offer her. Zoe accepted relieved she didn’t need to leave her home.

The Support Worker visited Zoe in her home and over coffee spent time discussing what Simply Counselling could offer her. Having the opportunity to go at her own pace, Zoe started to open up to the Support Worker who was able to get to know her, build up a trusting relationship and assure Zoe that our premises are a safe place for her to attend. 

Having gained a good sense of Zoe, the Support Worker was able to discuss with the Allocations Manager what Zoe needed and the Support Worker’s understanding of Zoe was taken into account when allocating the right Counsellor to meet her needs.

The Support Worker continued to meet with Zoe for a further 3 sessions over the next five weeks. Much to Zoe’s amazement the sessions helped her gain confidence and she was able to attend her first session of counselling. The Support Worker agreed to help her home afterwards.

After the third counselling session the Support Worker’s gentle approach enabled and empowered Zoe to attend and go home without support. The increase in Zoe’s confidence had the knock-on effect of being able to go to the School to collect her children and, at a later date, take them out for a McDonald’s.

At the end of therapy, Zoe reported: “If the Support Worker had not come to my house that day I would never in a thousand years have imagined I could get to where I am today. Her kindness, her understanding and her really listening to me enabled me to make that very scary first step.”

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