Jack’s Story

Jack, a 26-year-old male client, came to Simply as he was suffering from chronic anxiety. Jack felt ‘trapped’ every time he was in social situations. The Counsellor, working at Jack’s pace, curiously explored what this anxiety felt like for him and the situations when he felt most anxious.

As Jack was open to experimenting with new ways of being when he was socialising, Jack and the Counsellor created some experiments together for him to practice in social situations. Jack agreed to come back and share what happened in their sessions together.

In the following sessions Jack and the Counsellor were able to explore what was different for Jack in social situations and the change in his levels of anxiety. The Counsellor encouraged Jack to be and remain curious about his experience.

Working with Jack’s creativity and his ability to come up with different ways to challenge himself in social situations, Jack discovered ways of safely practicing being in social situations and lessening his anxiety.

Jack found an increased ‘ease’ in social situations and an acceptance of the more introvert side of his nature.