The Plymouth Astor Trust (VHS).

The Plymouth Astor Trust (VHS).


We were delighted to be awarded a grant for our Simply Counselling Sexual Abuse from the Plymouth Astor Trust (formerly known as The Virginia House Settlement).


The Plymouth Astor Trust has generously supported Simply’s work since we were established in 2006.


M-L, CEO of Simply Counselling, attended the presentation evening on 10 October at 3 Elliott Terrace, Plymouth and was presented with the award by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth.


M-L also shared a short description of what Simply will use the award for, the work Simply Counselling does in Plymouth and to once again thank the Plymouth Astor Trust for their continued support.


The Plymouth Astor Trust have been supporting the people of Plymouth for more than 90 years. It was established by Lord and Lady (Waldorf and Nancy) Astor in 1925.


For more information please see their website: