your individual

Kind, respectful
and ethical

At Simply Counselling we believe having the right counsellor is a priority.

We can offer you a choice of female and male counsellors, who are of various ages, ethnicity and sexual orientation. If you express a preference, we will work to accommodate you. 

In everything we do we try to be kind, respectful and ethical in our relationship with you. We believe the quality of the relationship with your counsellor will lead to the most successful outcome for you. An accepting relationship provides the security for you to connect with what you are really feeling, however, difficult and painful. 

Being able to trust your counsellor to stay with you as you give voice to what you are feeling is at the heart of what we do. 


“I think the relationship is the main thing with counselling. My relationship with my counsellor was brilliant and helped me gain a better awareness of myself and what I have carried alone for years. I now feel able to move on with my life.”