Dr Margot Sunderland to present ‘Families Affected By Trauma’ at the Simply Day 28th February 2020

We are very excited Dr Margot Sunderland, British Child Psychologist & Psychotherapist and award winning author, has agreed to lead our Simply Day 2020.

Dr Margot Sunderland will be speaking on ‘Families Affected by Trauma’ on Friday 28th February 2020 in the Mayor’s Parlour, Devonport Guildhall.


Dr Margot Sunderland is a British Child Psychologist and Psychotherapist and an award winning author. 


  • Director of Education and Training at The Centre for Child Mental Health London,


  • Honorary Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan University


  • Senior Associate Member of the Royal College of Medicine


  • Child Psychotherapist with over thirty years experience of working with children, teenagers, parents and an award-winning author.


  • Co-Director of Trauma-Informed Schools UK (TISUK) commissioned to deliver mental health training to every school in Cornwall.


  • Author of over twenty books in the field of child mental health, which collectively have been translated into eighteen languages and published in twenty-four countries.


  • Author of the internationally acclaimed book, ‘The Science of Parenting’ (Dorling Kindersley) which won First Prize in the British Medical Association Medical Book awards 2007 and is endorsed by the world’s leading affective neuroscientist, Professor Jaak Panksepp. The book has also been voted as one of the top brain books of our time by The Dana Foundation.


  • Chief Executive and Founding Director of the Higher Education College, The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education which is Academic Partner of University of East London. The College offers Masters Degrees in Child Psychotherapy and Arts Psychotherapy.


  • Member of the Early Years Commission, Centre for Social Justice, Westminster and co-author of the Cross Party Advisory Report ‘The Next Generation’ (early years intervention).


  • Founder of the ‘Helping Where It Hurts’ a programme offering free arts therapy to troubled children in North London Primary schools.


  • Over 20 years Dr Sunderland has carried out a meta-analysis of the scientific and psychological research on the long-term impact of adult/child relationships on the child’s developing brain and mind.


  • Dr Sunderland lectures all over the world on the psychology and neuroscience of child and teenage mental health, offering a wealth of practical strategies and interventions, always underpinned by the latest research. She makes TV and radio appearances as a child and parenting expert.


  • Overall, she is concerned to ensure that parents, teachers and mental health professionals alike, are offered the most up to date psychological and brain science research on how children and young people can be enabled to thrive.


  • She is passionate about social change for a kinder, warmer world.


Dr Margot Sunderland’s website: www.margotsunderland.org