About Simply Counselling

We really want to understand your individual experience and this approach is at the heart of our practice. In addition we use a variety of different techniques because what works for one person might not work for someone else.


We know all of our counsellors really well. So when we meet you we will have a good feel for who you will be comfortable with. Also we have a choice of male and female counsellors of various ages, ethnicity and sexual orientation. So if you express a preference we hope to accommodate you.

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Finally we are dedicated to finding out what works for you. So we do regular research. We’re now working with Plymouth University to explore what helps families in the parent and child work we do.

Tel: 01752 560900

What our clients say about us.

Feeling safe to show how sad I have been without anyone telling me to stop, has been lovely.
This is really helping me to face my problems and go through them one at a time.
Made me realise I am worth something, my opinions count and are just as important as everyone else.
Being able to offload fears and feelings of guilt to someone. I feel I can continue now - I see a way forward.

Tel: 01752 560900